Media Reviews

ToyShop – ‘Million Miles’ (David Sun remix)

One peak time monster. For me this is the side I’ll play in a club

David Sun offers up a more driving mix weaving in and out of Kelsey’s emotive vocal. ***** TOP TUNE IDJ Magazine

Best mix in the package though is the David Sun excursion. Starting off with a breakbeat and spooky keys, the 4/4 kick takes over for a driving, groovy trip… the vocal finally working wonders within this new context and smart arrangement. Five Dancing Men Update

ToyShop – ‘Million Miles’ (Original ToyShop mix)

This really is uplifting and would make a perfect last track of the night. ***** SURE PLAYER DJ Magazine


Bluefish – ‘Been Too Long’

Last, and by no means least. ‘David Sun’ is on hand with a cool house mix. Led by a subtle sub bassline this mix fuses laid back lounge grooves with progressive style beats and hooks, and all in all is an impressive after hours style mix which not only holds it’s own against the other mixes on offer, but brings something unique to the package overall, and is the perfect conclusion to this excellent release.



Hit The Spot (instrumental version) on NBC’s Primetime show ‘Minute To Win It’

“This is that song from Minute to Win It that they use on certain blueprints and it starts out all like “dnnnnnn-ynnnnnnn-EEEENNNNNN” and it makes it sound like “oh god this game will be impossible i’m fucked” and then it turns out to be breakfast scramble and you’re like lol this is a joke and then the music gets all drummy and stuff and then some french baguette music invites itself in towards the end and you’re just like wat.

ALSO this is my favorite blueprint music.

ALSO ALSO Composers/Geniuses: Gordon Hulbert and David Schreurs” Unknown (You Tube)