Online Music Productions

Have your song produced by recording studio professionals and performed by A-List session players

Send us a song recorded on your smart phone, garageband demo or something equally basic and we’ll send you back a fully produced finished master, complete with professional singers or any other featured instrumentalist you need. All we need is a rough recording of your voice and an instrument with chords. along with a description of what you’re after, perhaps a reference or two and we’ll do the rest! Simples!

Record your song into your smart phone, we’ll do the rest!

The internet has truly revolutionised the way musicians work together. Nearly 50% of our music productions come from overseas clients, or remote sessions for busy UK companies who come to us for the superior sound, speed and unique skills we bring to the table. We can deliver your production from the simplest reference, whether a rough iphone recording of you singing along with a guitar, or a favourite live recording of your band that you want to bring up to full production specs.

How Can I Book An Online Production?

Booking your online production STAGE 1 

Please fill in our contact form, outlining briefly what you want. We’ll get back to you asap with an initial email saying hello & maybe asking any relevant questions. please reply to us giving as much information as possible – styles, instrumentation, type of singer etc. If you like you can suggest references from well-known songs to help us understand the way you want it to sound. Please attach an mp3 of some kind of reference (ie iphone recording or some other type of simple recording of your song – maybe a rehearsal?) and a pdf or word doc of your lyrics.

Booking your online production STAGE 2

50% of the total fee is payable in advance of any work undertaken on your song. We’ll send you our paypal details, which you can then credit with the agreed amount. We’ll then send a half-production of your song for approval; this version will not sound finished, but will show the general direction we’re going and it is at this point that you should comment as clearly and in as much detail as possible about any changes you’d like to make.

Booking your online production STAGE 3

Assuming you’ll be more than happy with what you hear, we’ll ask for the balance of the fee to be deposited in our paypal account, after which we’ll send you a final mix by an agreed date for your approval. At this stage you can still ask for one set of simple changes (‘vocal louder’, ‘drums more quiet’ etc) within the agreed budget. More complex changes that haven’t been discussed previously (‘I’ve changed my mind – can you do it a Country & Western arrangement instead of R & B?’) will be subject to further fees, which will be discussed prior to further work being done on your track.

Booking your online production STAGE 4

Normally everything runs smoothly however and if you haven’t changed your production values from ‘Christian-K-Pop-Metal’ to ‘Japanese Nose Flute Ensemble’, we’ll send you a full quality file to your specifications (AIFF, WAV, mp3 @ 320kbps, FLAC etc) once the balance has cleared through paypal.