Mixes and Re-mixes

Your track mixed or remixed by pros

With the continuing advance of technology, it’s now very easy to hop between studios, home and travelling setups etc. Bring your song to us on hard disc and we’ll mix it to your specifications in our recording studio. Or send us a link to your song files and we’ll do it without you there (send us an email first to tell us in as much detail how you’d like to mix your song)

Make sure your song is sounding up to release quality

Many clients now work on their laptops or desktops in project studios and then bring their music to us for sonic improvement and to finish it off for that ‘professional recording studio’ sound. This is a very cost-effective way to ensure that your music is up to release quality.

Make a dance remix of your song

With our long history of success in the dance/EDM arena, many clients ask for dance remixes of their songs, which is one of our specialities here at Sun Productions. We can help you pick the right song from your album, re-mix it, and even suggest the best labels to approach for a dance release. In some cases we can get your track heard as we work closely with all the major dance labels.

Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to ask about mix and remix rates.